Meet Sukhbir

Sukhbir Singh Gill arrived in Canada in 1993. His wife is Rupinder Kaur Gill and his son graduated from the University of British Columbia. Gill is a realtor by profession and has been practicing for over 20 years in Vancouver. He majored in political science from Punjab University. When arriving in Canada, he worked in a green house, as a server, opened his own restaurant, drove a taxi, and became a realtor and land developer. He won the medallion for the top 10% of all realtors for multiple years. Sukhbir is a dedicated community volunteer, focusing on getting the youth to become engaged with sports and helping seniors and families with issues in the Vancouver South community.

He understands that coming to Canada gave him the opportunity for a better life which propelled him to bring about change and run for Member of Parliament.

Sukhbir understands that Vancouver South needs strong representation in Ottawa. He has vowed to make housing, mental health, senior care, health care and the cost of living his top priority. Mr. Gill believes it is time for change. A conservative government will implement the change we need.

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